California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

California is a huge state with a vast array of freeways, highways, and courthouses. And yes, many law firms abound west coast towns like L.A. and Newport Beach. Some lawyers even ride. A few of them handle personal injury cases. Still others lawyers who ride may practice probate law. No matter what your carreer choice, motorcycle tragedies happen.

Our motorcycle lawyers are fighters in and out of court. Our top motorcycle attorney, Michael Ehline, served as a U.S. Marine. Serving all counties and cities, we fight like lions.

For doctors, lawyers and non-specialists alike, great enjoyment comes from riding. With the wind blowing in your face as you traverse the road, the smells of nature transition into the odors of large cities. Riding can become a spiritual experience for many.

A certain allure exists in seeing cars and slower vehicles disappear in your rear view mirrors. This all happens as you blow past the rat race. With this freedom comes great risk, however. Even vigilant riders can be smacked down at a moment’s notice.

If this happens, dreams become a distant memory. But other pressing matters could take hold. Questions like “Who will help me cover all these legal problems? “Who will assist me in recovering compensation for my bike?” “What about money for my pain and suffering?”

Motorcycle Attorneys Who Ride?

From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Gaslamp District, in San Diego, if injured you need a good lawyer. Thrown or knocked off your bike? Do you need legal help? Finding a lawyer who helps injured people and also rides motorcycles can mean the difference. Personal injury attorney, Michael Ehline rides. So he knows the daily hazards you face on the roads.

Road Trips May Leave Riders Injured and Vulnerable.

For example, road trips may take you away from home. If a motorcycle club member, rides could take you from San Bernardino to San San Francisco to Arizona. One wrong move by anyone and you can drop your bike.

And that could leave you off kilter, laying in a hospital ward. Is your ride in smithereens from the impact? Are you expected to be out of commission for many months? Could it be years?

But who do you call if injured and away from your support network and family? The motorcycle riders’ friend, Michael Ehline, fights to get you the greatest financial reward. And he does this in quick fashion. He also makes herculean efforts to get the grieving rider back on his or her repaired or replaced bike. And the firm’s impressive verdicts and settlements show our resolve and results.

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